About us

Brutal surf began in a small premises in the capital of the province of Huelva from the idea of a young entrepreneur Jaime Gil Lopez, who decided to come ahead of his time and start a surf, skate and snowboard shop specialized in hard goods (boards, body boards, wetsuits) and casual clothing.

After a few years, by the year 2000 the opportunity to move to a new premises came up and we moved to Huelva city center with a new shop in which the previous concept is modified leaving behind the technical equipment in order to allow the introduction of fashion.

Tienda centro 1
We opted to change the shop design keeping it up to date with a more modern touch since we detected that the fashion trends were moving to the selling of shoes and that the Street Style was prevailing over more “surfer brands”. It’s the time of brands like Nike, adidas and New Balance. Different models of adidas Originals are seen in Huelva for the first time, and the Sneakers make their way over Elements shoes or brands more addressed or catalogued as surfer style. We started to set a trend and to establish the Sneakers fashion shop as a reference in Huelva, cooperating and having a bigger appearance in local surf championships and fashion related events in the city.

Tienda centro 2 Tienda centro comercial 

By this time, with the opening of the biggest Shopping Center in the city and its province, we take a step forward and we open our second shop in a 120m premises specialized only in fashion and sneakers.

Tienda centro comercial 2

Nowadays, we have two shops and a new online project “Brutalzapas” in which we intent to bring closer our shop and our philosophy to offer the latest trends in shoes, casual and urban clothing together with our limited editions.

What will the future bring? Brutalzapas does not stop and we will keep on evolving and adding the latest and new brands which will make your choice of “zapas” more difficult.