Cookies are an essential part of the internet working, adding uncountable advantages to the offering of interactive services. However, the shared use of some cookies among different websites has created a social alarm in the context of individualization personalization of advertising spots. This document aims to help you understand the different levels of intromission related to the cookies used by us, and the circumstances around our request for your consent as a previous condition for their storage.

¿what is a cookie?

A cookie is a file automatically downloaded in your computer when you access certain websites. Cookies allow these websites among other things to store, and recover information about navigation habits of a user or the computer, and depending on the information stored and the way of using the computer, can be used to recognize the user.

¿why do we use cookies?

Cookies help us to offer a better experience to the customer in our website, and they allow us to improve and adapt the website to each user. For instance, we research the different domains from which the people make their visits to the website, and we also measure the activity of the visitor to the site, but always keeping the personal information absolutely anonymous. We use the information gathered to measure the number of visitors to the different areas of our website, and to help making the website more useful to our users.

¿What kinds of cookies do we use?

  •  "Analytical” Cookies:

With the aim of periodical maintenance, and in order to guarantee the best possible service to our users, our website makes use of analytical cookies for the gathering of statistical activities. The information gathered will be anonymous in any case, not being possible to establish any link among the navigation pattern and the actual physical person.

Specifically, RADICAL SURF SPORT S.L stores  the analytical cookies from Google Analytics in the user computer. The user could exclude his/her individual activity with the exclusion systems facilitated by  Google Analytics.

More information

  • Other cookies of internal use:

In addition, RADICAL SURF SPORT S.L uses one cookie for the maintenance of your user session during the Access to private areas of the user control panel (if you already are a registered user) and the shopping basket. Its uninstalling will prevent the effective use of the online shop.


·        Cookies used by social networks:

This web has activated social sharing buttons to allow the user to share with his/her list of friends those contents that he/she considers interesting. In the same manner, these social sharing buttons avoid the user the disturbance of giving personal information since the web makes use of the information already shared in each of these social networks (information to which RADICAL SURF SPORT S.L has no access).

  • Third parties Cookies for the personalization of advertising spots:

Our web does not make use of ad servers or, related cookies for the creation of preferences and behavior profiles. In the case that we decide to use them, the user will be offered the possibility to accept or reject it in an explicit way previous to its remission using specific manners for the use of your rights.

List and description of the cookies used. Levels of intrusion:

In the following chart you will find the information related to the cookies used in our website:





2 years

Internal measured with Google Analytics.


30 minutes

Internal measuring with Google Analytics.


6 months

Internal measure with Google Analytics.


6 months

Visualization of maps with Google Maps.


2 years

Visualization of maps with Google Maps.



Internal managing of the online shop session



Internal managing of the online shop user


1 hour

Internal managing of the online shop language










We make use of our own and others cookies to make the analysis of the users navigation in order to offer a better service. When you continue navigating, we consider that you accept their use. For more information please click here.