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These General Purchase Terms and Conditions will govern the relationships between RADICAL SURF SPORT S.L ., Calle Palacios Nº9 21001 Huelva (España), holder of Spanish Tax Identity No.B21260237 (hereinafter, "RADICAL SURF SPORT S.L”) and any third party (hereinafter,  “Users”) that will register as users and/or will purchase any product through the online shop of the official website of RADICAL SURF SPORT S.L  (http://WWW.BRUTALZAPAS.COM", hereinafter “The Shop”). 



2.1 The user is bound, in a general way, to use the shop, to purchase the items and to use any of the shop services in an appropriate manner, according to the law, ethics, public order and the regulations established in this General Purchase Terms and Conditions text. In the same manner, the user will avoid to use them in any way which could cause the damage or deterioration of the normal working and enjoyment of the shop by other users, or that could cause damage to the good and rights of RADICAL SURF SPORT S.L, its suppliers, Users or any third party.



3.1 RADICAL SURF SPORT S.L reserves the right to decide at any moment, the items offered to the users through the shop. Particularly, RADICAL SURF S.L could at any time add new items to those offered or included in the shop, assuming that, unless the contrary is established or communicated, those new items are regulated according to the present General Conditions. Likewise, RADICAL SURF SPORT S.L reserves the right to deny or stop providing access or use at any time and without prior notice to any of the different types of products offered in the shop.


3.2 The items included in the shop will resemble the original offered products in the most accurate way allowed by web visualization technology. The features of the items and their price will appear in the Shop. The prices are displayed in Euros and they include VAT (Value Added Tax), except it is otherwise indicated.



4.1 In a maximum period of (24) hours, RADICAL SURF SPORT S.L   will send an e-mail to the user, with the purchase confirmation. This e-mail will assign a code number to the purchase and will provide a detailed description of the features of the item, its Price, delivery cost and information about the different payment options available at RADICAL SURF SPORT S.L


4.2 The user who purchases an item through the Shop must make the payment via one of the different ways of payment established in the Shop.


4.3 RADICAL SURF SPORT S.L will file any electronic documents of the contract formalization, sending a copy to the user once the purchase is made. The contract will be formalized in Spanish.


4.4 The order confirmations sent by RADICAL SURF SPORT S.L has no value as invoice, only as a receipt of the purchase. RADICAL SPORT S.L will send the invoice related to the purchase together with the item. 




5.1 The user has the right of withdrawal which allows him or her to contact RADICAL SURF SPORT S.L via e-mail at the following address: and withdraw from the sale within seven days after the reception of the item.

You must fill in and include the form enclosed with your order (return form) and return all unwanted items in their original packaging and conditions, together with a copy of the delivery receipt appropriately filled, RADICAL SURF SPORT S.L will assume the direct cost of the item refunded. This refund will be made according to the instructions given by RADICAL SURF SPORT S.L to the user when the shop answers to the right of withdrawal notification made by the user. The user must send or give back the item in period of (7) days after RADICAL SURF SPORT S.L indicates the refund procedure. 


5.2 The withdrawal entails the refund of the whole amount paid. To this end, the customer must indicate in the refund form the number and the credit card holder where he wishes RADICAL SURF SPORT S.L to make the refund. The period of time for this refund will be the one established by law.


5.3 The right of withdrawal will not apply when the item is not sent in its original package or the item is not in perfect conditions.



6.1The user will be able at any time to contact the shop via e-mail to the address to report any incident, complaint or to exercise his or her rights.





7.1 The geographical area of sales through the Store is in the Iberian Peninsula, so that the delivery service is only for the territory and other international territories prior study by RADICAL SURF SPORT S.L.

The item bought at the Shop will be delivered to the address established by the user once the payment is checked. The period of time for the delivery will be within a maximum of (30) days as it is established by Law.


 7.2 RADICAL SURF SPORT S.L, delivery service is made in cooperation with different logistic operators of acknowledged prestige. Orders made to Hotels, Post Office box or any other non-permanent address will not be sent.   


7.3 Orders cost is not included in the Price of the items. The user will be informed of the breakdown of delivery costs when the order is placed.

7.4 RADICAL SURF SPORT SL will not be responsible for any tax or fee that may be charged in the country of destination.



8.1 The user acknowledges that all the elements of the Shop and any of its items, including the information and materials shown, the brands, the structure, the selection, the order and the display of its contents, the computer software used are protected by  intellectual and industrial property rights of RADICAL SURF SPORT S.L itself or those of a third party. The user also acknowledges that the general conditions do not provide any other right related to these intellectual and industrial property rights except those namely established in them.  


8.2  The user shall not reproduce, change, alter, join, reverse engineering, distribute, rent, let, dispose or allow public access through any manner of public communication of the above mentioned elements except he or she is expressly authorized by RADICAL SURF SPORT S.L  or by the third party owners of those rights, or in the case that it is legally allowed. The user must use the materials, elements and information obtained from the use of the Shop exclusively for his/her needs, bounding him not to make any direct or indirect commercial exploitation of them.


8.3 The user will prevent from using or manipulating any technical device established by RADICAL SURF SPORT S.L or by any third party at the Shop. 





9.1  Pursuant to Organic Law 15/1999  LOPD,  we inform that your personal information and any other information provided through the register form, or that information included in the transactions made, will be included and kept for its handling in a file property of RADICAL SURF SPORT S.L, until its cancellation is required. The managing of this information will be focused in the development and execution of sales, personalized attention of the items and services acquired, in the improvement of this attention and in the promotion of our own items and services and those of third companies related to RADICAL SURF SPORT S.L


In the same way, you are informed that your data will be at disposal of the companies for the mentioned activities, and its treatment will be handled with a maximum of confidentiality being the only receiver of them. No other assignments or communications will be made to any third party apart from those established in the current legislation.

The user expressly authorizes to the sending, even through electronic means, by   RADICAL SURF SPORT S.L and the mentioned entities, of commercial communications, offers and promotional contests.


  ? Yes, I accept.


9.2  The user might at any time apply the rights of access, rectification, opposition, or cancellation to  RADICAL SURF SPORT S.L,  C/ Palacios Nº9 21001 Huelva (Spain)  or via e-mail to, together with a copy of his/her N.I.F.(Fiscal Identification number) or any substitutive identification document.


9.3. The answers marked with * in the register form are compulsory.

The purchase of the items selected will not be possible without the answering of these fields.




10.1 RADICAL SURF SPORT S.L will facilitate the use of personal passwords to the user who registers in the website. These passwords will provide access to the services offered in the website. The user is held responsible for the complete secrecy of these passwords, assuming the consequences and damages resulting from the breaking of this secrecy. For security reasons, the remote access password to the website could be modified at any time by the user. The user must notify RADICAL SURF SPORT S.L immediately of any non-authorized use of the password, or its use by any unauthorized third party.




11.1 RADICAL SURF SPORT S.L uses cookies with the object of improving its services, making easy the web navigation, keeping security, verifying the user identity, facilitating the access to personal preferences and tracking the use of the Shop. Cookies are files installed in the hard drive of the computer or in the internet navigation browser in the configured folder of the operative system of the user computer to identify him/her.


11.2   If the user does not wish to install a cookie in his/her hard drive, the internet navigation browser must be configured so that cookies aren’t sent. In the same manner, the possibility of deleting the cookies will be available to the user. In the case that the user decides to uninstall the cookies, the quality and speed of the service might be reduced, or the access to some of the services offered by the Shop might be lost.




The present conditions are subdued to the current Spanish legislation. Any controversy arisen from the interpretation or execution relation with the validity, interpretation, observance or resolution of the contract will be subject to the jurisdiction and Competence of the Tribunals and Courts of Law of the city of Huelva with withdrawal from the regional code of laws which might correspond to the user, if they are so applicable by law.